[Smakebit på søndag – Wizard and Glass]


«Yeah,» he said, sighing. «Silence, a thing I know little about. Thankee-sai, Blaine, you speak truth.»

«I HOPE YOU HAVE DISCOVERED SOMETHING WHICH WILL HELP YOU,» Blaine said, and Eddie thought: You fucking mechanical liar. The complacent tone had returned to Blaine’s voice, and Eddie found it of some passing interest that a machine could express such a range of emotion. Had the Great Old Ones built them in, or had Blaine created an emotional rainbow for himself at some point? A little dipolar pretty with which to pass the long decades and centuries? «DO YOU WISH ME TO GO AWAY AGAIN SO YOU MAY CONSULT?»

«Yes,» Roland said.

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Blaine er en plage, og det er sannheten. Se for deg et sadistisk, rosa tog med suicidale tendenser som elsker gåter og som kan suse av gårde raskere enn lydens hastighet? Der har du Blaine.

Etter de nervepirrende prøvelsene på slutten av forrige bok er Roland, Eddie, Susannah, Jake og Oy på vei videre til neste etappe av reisen til det mørke tårnet. I denne boken får vi også vite litt mer om Rolands fortid.


Blaine is a pain, and that is the truth. Imagine a sadistic, pink train with suicidal tendencies that loves riddles and can whiz off faster than the speed of sound? That’s Blaine.

After the nerve-racking events at the end of the previous book, Roland, Eddie, Susannah, Jake, and Oy are heading towards the next leg of the journey to the dark tower. In this book, we also learn a bit more about Roland’s past.